Who can be a Hero?

Who are called heroes of today? Heroes of today have made so much amazing things that are so remarkable and worthy to be praised about. There are so many thing to talk about their bravery and love that they have displayed in their entire life. So many things to mention about how they have overcome all the things that could have brought them down. This is why no one can imagine what they have gone through in their entire life.

Heroes are those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of other people. Commonly heroes are thought to be the people who died for saving others. However, heroes too are those who sacrificed themselves in order to make other people grow as a successful people or someone in the future.

Anyone can be a hero in any way. May it be visible or not,  anyone can be a hero in someone’s life. Like numerous people have made so much effort to save an empire or a government, some have sacrificed themselves in order to put messy matters into a good condition. In any case, people can do the best thing they can do as to save someone from danger.

Those who are willing to throw away their life are called true hero and this is what we have to say hero. All people have the right to live and fulfill their dreams. However, heroes throw away all of these things in order to do an amazing job but they will be remembered forever and ever although they will die.