Sorrowful End of Heroes

When a person is willing to sacrifice himself or herself, there is a great consequence for that. Numerous people have been executed as a punishment for saving someone or raising a movement. This is why is before people became a hero, they have undergone tremendous sacrifice. Of course, those who are regarded as hero are already dead and they never imagined that they would become a hero. They just became e hero after they died.

Example of a hero who was executed is Rye Gwan Sun of Korea. As young as 17, she became an independence activist but she soon lost her life at the age of 18 yet her name is shining like the bright star in Korea. Many heroes were assassinated and brutally murdered. Mostly people who are murdered are those who are fighting for their country. Some great people can not even look up to their country if they do not get their own independence. This is why no one knows how much they suffered.

Jesus is God who came to this earth to save mankind from going to destruction but he was crucified by those who claimed to believe in God. Although he came to save them, they themselves killed God. How heartbroken this is.Jesus is God and he could have those people to death but he just followed them to fulfill the prophecy.

Heroes went tremendous pain and sacrifice just to make sure that they have something to help before they die. Thinking of the whole country is so much sacrifice and thinking of the whole world is an unimaginable sacrifice.