Unforgettable Heroes for Generations

Here are the most unforgettable heroes of all time. Jesus is the greatest Hero in the world for he saved the whole world that has ever done since the foundations of the earth was laid. Nelson Mandela is the one who advocated the freedom of the blacks and b given a right to treated equally with the white people. Because of him, he became widely known all over America in the 20th century.

Yu Gwan Sun is a Korean Heroine who fought for the freedom of Korea despite from the terrible persecution from the Japanese. She was imprisoned and executed by the Japanese Imperialist in 1920.

Oscar Schindler is the one who bought more than 1000 Jews who are suppose to be destroyed in the arms of the Germans. He bought them from the Nazi in order to save them.

Joan of France was called a heretic but was branded as a heroine and saint by the Roman Catholic. She was executed due to her dream that he saw.

General Yi Sun Shin is also a Korean general who protected Korea against any enemy. He had 12 battles and 12 win. He is truly the wisest and general in history.

Abraham Lincoln is a loved president of the United States and he also gave his word of honor for his loving people until he died. He remained true to his duty as  a President and he became a good example for all Americans and he is now one of the greatest president in the world.